Steel Making Process



The RINL Billets are re-heated to a temp. max. upto 1200oC in the re-heating furnace and are rolled into specific sections in the Rolling Mill Unit. The production process passes through two way roughing and intermediary stands before finishing and quenching process.

From the finishing stand of the rolling Mill, the rebars are guided through a specially designed proprietary of thermal pipes in which water quenching is done under controlled conditions. The surface temperature of the hot rebars falls drastically from 900ºC to around 400ºC on account of the intense and uniform cooling; whereas the core temperature remains the same. Then at the cooling bed, temperature equalizing takes place at round 600ºC. This makes the surface of the rebar hardened structure called martensite and the core remains soft and is known as ferrite-pearlite. This process increases the tensile strength of the material keeping high ductility and weldability. The quenching technology adopted in procces line increases the strangth and bendibility of the product.