Production Facility


Our TMT making unit is equipped with all the latest machinery and technology.The Rolling Mill consists of an Coal-fired furnace with a capacity Re-heating furnace with a capacity of 40 M.T per hour.The furnace is equipped with PLC based Combustion System to ensure uniform heating of the billets.The mill has in-line continuous-stands driven by PLC based DC-Drives,combination of loopers,start-stop shears,producing TMT bars with controlled dimension.The mill is equipped with a rake type cooling Bed to efficiently handle Bars coming out at high speed of 20 mtrs per second.The unique Bar handling feature is capable of lifting & packing the bar automatically,resulting in uniform number of bars per bundle.

The Thermo-Mechanical Treatment(TMT) involves rapid quenching of hot bars at specific temperature with controlled pressure and travel ratio through water jacket after finishing stand as per the diameter of the bar from 8mm-32mm.