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Business Ethics


Business Ethics

The Narayana Group aims to build an unmatched consistency in maintaining its high ethical standards.These ethics are the essential elements that have raised the Group to a higher stature.

The most productive investment of the Kamachi Group – is its people. It is through the dedication, skills, and initiative of the workforce that the goodwill of the organization has prospered and will continue to move ahead.

This dedication also reflects on the strong focus offered to Corporate Responsibility. This philosophy of the Group is witnessed through various initiatives.

  • - The organization’s effort to develop breakthrough steel-making technologies that are environment friendly
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for the betterment of the neighborhood communities
  • - Employee development schemes to strengthen and dynamically improve the well-being of the employees and staff members
  • - The Group recognizes the vital duty towards its shareholders by operating with utmost dependability and transparency.